[RPG] Champion Fighter’s Remarkable Athlete and Hit Point Calculation


The Champion Fighter's Remarkable Athlete ability states:

add half your proficiency bonus (round up) to any Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution check you make that doesn't already use your proficiency bonus.(Pg. 72)

As we know, there are almost no constitution checks due to constitution lacking any relevant skills. The only thing we add Constitution too is our hp, in which:

you add your Constitution modifier to each Hit Die you roll for your hit points.(pg. 177)

An ability check is:

roll[ing] a d20 and add[ing] the relevant ability modifier. (pg 174)

So, would you add your proficiency bonus to your hit points as a Champion Fighter?

(Sorry if this seems really munchkin-y, I was just thinking about why it would say constitution checks when most const things are saving throws.)

Best Answer

No. A hit point roll is not an ability check, per the rules you cited yourself in your question that define them differently.