[RPG] Choose Your Own Adventure Books/Games: Are there any Two-Player variants?


My fiance and I have recently been playing "Destiny Quest", it had a module from online that allowed for multi-player. We adapted that to work in the story and fixed the loot/gold so it wouldn't give us an unfair advantage. It was a blast.

We've been on the search for more CYOA-style books that have two player, but they seem incredibly rare. We don't mind some table top styles (like the D&D 4th board games), but something preferable that can be played on the car or in bed, maybe with the use of a phone for simple dice rolls and stats.

Does anyone know of any? Or at least, any good ones that are easy to 'role-play' as two separate individuals (outside just being two people debating on the next choice)?


Best Answer

The only thing I can think of is Murderous Ghosts, which is a two player game by Vincent Baker that feels very choose your own adventure. I think those books were an explicit inspiration for the game? The rulebook certainly follows a similar format, having pages with different numbers that you're prompted to read throughout the game by the choices that you make. One person kind of takes on a GM-ish role while the other plays the character exploring the haunted house. It uses a deck of cards instead of dice, so it would work fine to play in bed or the car. Here's a link to a review, if you're interested.