[RPG] Combining Base Attack Bonuses


When multiclassing or starting as a monster in pathfinder and AD&D3.5 is the BAB combined between all the classes to follow the standard progression or is it totalled up separately?


Does a Rogue 4 (BAB 3) Fighter 4 (BAB 4) have a BAB of 7 or +7/+2 ?

And would an Monster (of BAB 4) Fighter 3 (BAB 4) have a BAB of 8 or +8/+3 ?

Best Answer

The two expressions are equal.

Every time the attack bonus reaches +6, you gain another attack at your full BAB -5 (that is: +1); but you must use the full attack action. You gain an additional attack at +11 (the additional attack is at your full BAB -10) and +16 (full BAB -15), independently by how you sum up our BAB (source).

Stating that a creature has a BAB +13, inherently implies that it has 3 attacks with the full attack action:

  • the 1st at full attack bonus (+13),
  • the 2nd at full attack bonus -5 (+8), and
  • the 3rd at full attack bonus -10 (+3)

So, BAB +13 = BAB +13/+8/+3.