[RPG] complete list detailing all Magical Beasts and Outsiders native to the Outer Planes


I am looking to write a guide on the interaction between the Planar Shepherd and the various Outer Planes, but for this I am looking for an overview of all Magical Beasts and Outsiders native to said planes. Thus far I have had no success with this: I have found a website (ending in .de, but it's in English and not posted here because of the iffy copyright issues) that says to contain some of them, but this one's far from complete. What I know so far is the following:

  • Celestia: Archons
  • Bytopia: ?
  • Arcadia: Guardinials
  • Beastlands: ?
  • Arborea: Eladrin, Titans
  • Ysgard: ?
  • Limbo: Githzerai, Githyanki, Slaad, Xac-yji (Planar Handbook)
  • Pandemonium: Windblade
  • Abyss: Demons
  • Carceri: Demodand
  • Hades: Night Hag
  • Gehenna: Yugoloth
  • Baator: Devils
  • Acheron: ?
  • Mechanus: Inevitables, Formians, Modron
  • Arcadia: Arcadian Avenger (MM V)
  • Outlands: See this; this is likely to be the complete list for the Outlands already.

Now, I am specifically looking for the creatures that are legal targets for the Planar Shepherd's Wild Shape ability. Does a list with these creatures exist somewhere?

Best Answer

A Planar Shepherd-specific List Is Probably Unavailable...

...but the Web site Oryan's RPG Locker has in its Downloads, in both Excel (which I haven't tried) and PDF formats, a document entitled "Monsters and Gods Sorted by Planes." It's extensive, covering (but not reproducing) Dungeons and Dragons 3.X and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition material (and probably earlier material, too) and even referencing (but not reproducing) Dragon and Dungeon magazine material.

"Monsters and Gods Sorted by Planes" is just a big list of stuff and where to find it; any actual details about the list must be acquired by the user (the document doesn't even list creatures' Hit Dice), so it's the kind of fan-made thing that should be totally legit, but if this answer needs to be deleted because someone suspects the document of wrongdoing, so be it.

The document is obviously someone's labor of love, a project that must've taken at least months to complete. I want to put a name to this document so the fellow who made it can get credit, but I can't find one. I hope Comments can.