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I've always been a fan of crafting in games. I especially liked the Atelier series of games. But for this question I'd like to focus on the Homs in the games.

Homs are intelligent homonculus(though they are cute maids and butlers as opposed to PF homonculus) that help the character around the shop with crafting and gathering stuff for Alchemy?

So my question is, can I create constructs that are both intelligent and can assist me in crafting things? My Wizard is 7 at the moment and has most of the crafting feat and skills. I already have a Valet Archetype Improved Familiar.

Best Answer

You can do that with a regular homonculus

The homonculus seems to be able to perform what you are looking for. As written:

A homunculus's creator determines its precise features; some are more refined looking, but most creators don't bother to improve the creature's appearance beyond the minimum necessary for functioning.

So you can make it look like a cute maid or butler if you want.

As written in the Monster Creation rules, a construct typically get 2+int skill points per level. As the homonculus has an int of 10 and not -, you get 2 skill points per hit dice (although the points for the two first HD seem to be distributed in Perception and Stealth), and you can build it with as many HD as you want by paying more materials (2000gp per HD beyond 2).

Example of builds:

Homonculus with 3 HD. cost: 3050gp. Looks like a cute butler with a fez. skills for 3rd HD: two ranks in Profession(shopkeeper), feat for 3rd HD: Talent(Profession(shopkeeper)) -> +6 total bonus for his Profession(shopkeeper) tests. Not that great but enough to take care of usual clients.

Homonculus with 5 HD. cost: 7050gp. Looks like a cute maid with a witch hat. skills: 5 ranks in Craft(Alchemy), 1 rank in whatever you want. feats: Talent(Craft(Alchemy)), Master Alchemist. -> +10 total bonus for his Craft(Alchemy) tests, which is enough to craft the basic stuff, and thanks to the Master Alchemist feat it can do that fast.

However please note that an homonculus doesn't qualify for item creation feats since it lacks a caster level for that. They can however qualify for Master Craftsman.

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