[RPG] Critically Hit while Paralyzed


I understand the Rogue Surprise Attack PLUS a Critical Hit results in extra dice and double dice as these are different effects, but what about a Critical Hit on a Critical Hit?

Paralysis renders:

  • Attack rolls against the creature have advantage.
  • Any Attack that hits the creature is a Critical Hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature.

Since a Critical Hit "Condition" is already in effect, does a Critical Hit on the d20 roll re-double these dice?

Example: A Paralyzed gnoll is attacked by a longsword. Character rolls a 6 and a 20, a Critical Hit. Damage = (d8+d8)+bonuses, or (d8+d8)+(d8+d8)+bonuses?

Best Answer


A hit is either critical or not; there are no rules providing for "degrees" of criticality. The normal condition for critical hits is rolling a 20 on the d20 without modifiers on one's attack roll - a "natural twenty".

The paralysis effect simply extends that condition. Now any attack (with a lowercase-a) that hits is resolved as a critical hit, natural 20 or otherwise, so dice are rolled twice for damage.