[RPG] D&D 3.5E Campaign that supports a large number of PC players


Okay, so here's the problem. I'm going to be dming a large group of around 10 players that have mixed experience and since I'm used to being in small groups of around 4 players I'm not used to having this many.

Is there a campaign I can find which will support a large amount of players? Or is the best thing to do is just adjust modules to the number of players?

Best Answer

Don't. Split the party into two groups.

I've been gaming 25 years and have played in home groups, at cons, and at gaming clubs. Without any exception, in my experience games that large are terrible. You can try "keep people on track" techniques, but in the end you're putting lipstick on a pig. No one will be able to do satisfying roleplaying, encounters will be difficult to balance, social problems will emerge from the loud folks causing chaos and the wallflowers being overlooked more than normal, etc. Heck, even parking on the street and bathroom availability becomes an issue.

In our gaming group, whenever we get too many folks interested in one game, we just split it. We've had several times where one GM is running two parallel sessions of a given Adventure Path, for example. Or two people agree to run it.

Your players that want more fun per hour of time spent will just drop out anyway, either to not play or to set up a second game, in which case you get the same result but with the bonus of potentially some hard feelings.

Two five-person groups will get way more done than one ten-person group and have more fun doing it. If you can't spend 2 nights a week on GMing, then alternate them biweekly.

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