[RPG] Decent Dual Wield Blade Pact Warlock


I'm trying to build a dual wielding warlock. I'm thinking:

Fighter 1

  • Armor skills
  • Two weapon fighting

Warlock 1-19

  • Fiend
  • Pact of the Blade (duh.)
  • Max DEX and CHA
  • Talking my DM into letting me summon 2 rapiers
  • Thirsting blade (giving me 4 attacks per turn, two per pact blade)
  • even more damage from Lifedrinker

Something along those lines on the offense. I haven't looked too far into Bladelock defense yet. I should probably add I've just recently started playing D&D and am not yet quite accustomed with the rules and customs. Now I see some problems with this build.

  1. I want to play as a half-orc that is all about selling his soul for power and revenge and whatnot, and getting up close and personal, unleashing his inner demon. (see warcraft) The hack-and-slash kind of fighting style. This means I'd much rather take two battleaxes. Even just the thought of modern style fencing makes this build nigh unplayable to me. Even Scimitars would be better, but those are 1d6.
  2. Getting two pact blades. But my DM is cool. I think.
  3. Applying Thirsting blade to both of them. I don't have access to the rules right now to look up the proper wording.
  4. Bonus action conflicts between Darkness, Hex and offhand attack. Or can I use multiple bonus actions per turn? Do I have a general misconception of how they work?


  1. Is this DW Warlock build feasible or am I overlooking major flaws?
  2. How does it compare to eg. this build, DPR-wise?
  3. How does it do survivability-wise?

Whew, first question on rpg.se and I took up D&D only recently, thanks for answers and comments. What I was looking for was the tag , and the hint that optimization based on house rules is not something this site can or should do. Also, that I was actually looking for something like a Highest DPR Dual Wield Warlock, STR or DEX based, which is probably going to be my next question after I've taken it to chat.

Best Answer

Yes, you are overlooking some major flaws

I'm only going to address the Major Flaws you're concerned with, since the rest is subjective to both your game play and how people play the class. This should help you get through at least a couple of misconceptions you have.

  1. Pact Weapon (PHB. pg 108) - You can only have one of these, and due to that, Thirsting Blade can only be used with your one pact weapon. If your DM does happen to allow you to take two pact weapons, that's cool, but is clearly a house rule. Make sure your DM knows about the wording of Thirsting Blade with respect to Pact Weapons.
  2. You have only one bonus action possible per turn (PHB. pg 189). If you have many abilities that use the bonus action (Cunning action, offhand attack, specific spells, etc) you have to choose which ONE to use.
  3. Survival wise - largely dependent on magical item availability, your feats, and potion use. If you take fighter at level 1, you'll have higher hit points to start, but your saves will leave you mentally vulnerable. That's why I recommend Archfey pact below, to remove that problem.

The following part is only my opinion on the build itself, and where I would make changes to better fit your stated style of play.

Personal build recommendations:

  1. Take 3 levels of fighter to become an Eldritch Knight so you can have weapon bond (two weapons bonded, functions very similar to Weapon Pact, allowing for 3 summonable weapons.)
  2. Instead of Fiend, use Archfey as patron because the up close abilities and immunity to charm are superior for an up close fighter. Especially since Misty Escape gives you a free exit in overwhelming situations.
  3. Feats - Heavy Armor Mastery, Tough.