[RPG] Dice Notation – Dice that start at 0


In the past I've toyed with playing games using dice numbered from 0 instead of 1.

So, for example, playing a d20 system game with 3d8, numbered 0 to 7, treating a roll of 21 as an automatic success and a 0 as critical failure.

What kind of dice notation would one use when writing about this?

What would you even call a die numbered from 0 to distinguish it from normal dice?

Best Answer

According to Wikipedia, this is called zero bias notation(retrieved Aug 31, 2010). You simply replace the “d” with a “z” and the old highest die value with the new one. So your example of three eight-sided dice marked 0–7 would be written as 3z7.

The only reference the Wikipedia article provided for this was an RPGnet post. I've never seen any signs that the notation caught on anywhere, but I do like it as a system.