[RPG] Did Kelemvor lose the death domain to Myrkul


I was reading the Basic Rules (V2) and Appendix B has a table with the Forgotten Realms' deities.
In this table, Myrkul is listed as the "god of death", while Kelemvor is "god of the dead".

Since I completely skipped 4th edition (except for a few novels), I was wondering if I missed the moment when Myrkul returned to the Realms and got the "death" domain.

Is there a novel/sourcebook/campaign book detailing this?

Edited to add a few background tidbits:

The Forgotten Realms Wikia says that before the Time of Troubles (2nd edition), Myrkul was the "god of the dead" and Bhaal was the "god of death". By the end of the Times of Trouble, Kelemvor took Myrkul's portfolio after he was slain.

In the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Kelemvor has 2 portfolios: Death and the dead (p.234). While Myrkul is not even listed.

In the 4th edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Myrkul is missing too (thanks to Bradd Szonye for pointing that out).

Could it be that the 5th edition basic rules are still considered draft or pending a revision?

Best Answer

No, but the Dead Three are still around

Several gods died during the Time of Troubles, notably including the Dead Three: Bane, god of tyranny, Bhaal, god of murder, and Myrkul, god of death. However, gods are difficult to destroy in the Forgotten Realms, and all three of the dead gods have devised schemes to return to power. Bane’s plot was successful, and he has supplanted the Godson who inherited his portfolio. Bhaal’s scheme was the main plot of the Baldur’s Gate video games. Myrkul appeared in the Neverwinter Nights video games, but so far he still appears to be a dead god, rather than a god of death.

Therefore, the entries for Bhaal and Myrkul currently appear to be there primarily for historical interest, for DMs who want to use them in the past of the Realms, or who want to feature their schemes to return to power. They do not indicate that Kelemvor has lost or changed his portfolio – yet.