[RPG] Difference between Athletics and Acrobatics


What are the differences between Athletics and Acrobatics (aside from the stats they are based on) and is there anything interchangeable?
When should one be used over the other?

When I see these two skills it sounds to me like everything that is an acrobatics check could also be an athletics check and I can't think of many situations that apply more specifically to one or the other.

Best Answer

Acrobatics and Athletics are quite different.

Athletics is used for things that are strength based in nature. The big ones are jumping, swimming and climbing.

Acrobatics is used for things that require agility and balance (Dexterity based things). The big ones are balancing, negating falling damage and tumbling.

The thing that they have in common is that they can both be used to escape from a grab. (Acrobatics to escape, strength to break your restraints)