[RPG] Divination Wizard vs Closed Envelope


I am playing a level 6 Divination Wizard in a D&D 5e game. My character has been entrusted with an envelope by a person who's untrustworthy but not necessarily malevolent, and asked to deliver it, unopened, to another character she also has no reason to trust. She wants to know its contents in order to decide whether to obey or disobey.

Detect Magic revealed that the envelope had an aura of evocation magic, so I'm looking for some way for her to learn its contents without opening it. She can get access to any wizard spell of 3rd level or below, but spells or abilities of other classes are not an option.

  • My DM has ruled that 'Gaseous Form' won't work, since although you could get into the envelope, you can't manipulate or interact with objects in gaseous form. Fair enough.
  • 'Arcane Eye' is too big to get inside the envelope, although otherwise promising.

Are there any suitable wizard spells I'm missing? How else could this be done?

Best Answer

Identify will reveal the nature of the magic

The Identify spell will "Whether any spells are affecting the item and what they are". This will at least identify the Evocation spell affecting the envelope.

Clairvoyance will let you see in the envelope.

Clairvoyance will let you put a sensor inside of the envelope. You will likely have to manipulate the envelope from the outside to make room for the sensor, however (which might pose some risk or difficulty); the GM will have to make a call on how much room is needed

Since the inside of the envelope is dark, you will need a way to overcome that; Darkvision is a possible option (although a bright enough light will probably work well enough.