[RPG] Do 4E Essentials Mages gain more Cantrips after 1st level


I was finally getting around to reading my 4E Essentials books, specifically the Heroes of the Fallen Lands Wizard, the Mage. After discovering the nice hybrid of Vancian and 4E Core magic, I noticed that a Mage, regardless of school, gains 3 Cantrips at 1st level.

What I'm getting at is this; Does a 4E Mage gain more Cantrips as they progess in level or do they only know the 3 Cantrips from levels 1 to 30?

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They only know their cantrips they start the game with. However, it is reasonable to ask to learn an extra one as a feat, due to the precedent set with the Psion.

Diverse Focus [Elan Bloodline]

Heroic Tier

Prerequisite: Elan Heritage, psion, Discipline Focus class feature

Benefit: Choose and gain a Discipline Focus other than one you already possess. You can use any powers associated with that Discipline Focus as daily powers.

and with Gnome:

Fey Trickster

Heroic Tier

Prerequisite: Gnome

Benefit: You gain the wizard cantrips mage hand and prestidigitation as encounter powers.

As the cantrips are Wizard Utility spells without a level, it's impossible to take them in your utility slots. (Though that would be a perfectly reasonable house-rule, considering the relative utility of cantrips and utility powers.)

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