[RPG] Do adept enhanced physical attribute modify karma cost


For the enhanced attributes, do they modify the karma cost for increasing the physical attributes? (thus if you have strength 3 and have +2 for physical attributes: strength do you then increase with karma as if you had strength 3 or strength 5?)

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The short answer: No. Skills that increase attributes when activated/installed are considered as Augmentation Bonuses whereas that base number of the attribute is considered to be the Natural Rating.

Now, book quotes. (All emphasis mine)

First, let's talk about Augmentation Bonuses.

First, when purchasing augmentations such as cyberware and bioware, each attribute rating (Mental and Physical) can only receive an augmentation bonus of up to +4. If the attribute being raised has not reached its natural maximum limit, the attribute can be raised naturally with Karma; but at no point can augmentations exceed the +4 bonus cap. (Pg. 94 RAW)

As outlined about, attributes have a natural rating (and maximum limit), and a maximum augmentation rating. This means that anything that increases your attributes artificially does not count toward your natural attribute level. You also have to note augmentation bonuses:

Augmentations need to be noted on the character sheet. The rating should be added to the natural attribute rating and the total written in parentheses next to the natural attribute rating to indicate the permanent augmented rating. For example, a character with a natural Strength rating of 4 and muscle augmentation 2 bioware should record their attribute as follows: Strength 4 (6). (Pg. 95 RAW)

And here:

Both non-augmented and augmented attributes should be added together and listed the same as attributes, with the non-augmented number first followed by the augmented number in parentheses. (Pg. 100 RAW)

Now, some examples of where this augmentation is noted.

Attributes boosted by cyberware or bioware do not affect the calculation for things such as points for Knowledge skills or Contacts. However, other in-game mechanics such as Initiative and Inherent Limits are modified by these augmentations, which means these bonuses need to be factored in during Step Eight: Final Numbers (p. 100). (Pg. 95 RAW)

This tells us that, at least for 'ware, their bonuses don't affect the Rating calculations, just the Augmented amount. While this example isn't an Attribute, they function relatively the same. Furthermore, they go on to explain how it should be noted:

Specifically for Adepts, we have:

This augments your attribute, so your Physical limit may also increase with the new Attribute rating. This power allows you to exceed your natural Attribute maximum, up to your augmented maximum. (Pg. 309 RAW)

For Improved Attribute.

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