[RPG] Do attack rolls against a blinded character with the Alert feat have advantage



A character with the Alert feat (PHB, p. 165) has been blinded and is being attacked.

One of the benefits of Alert is:

Other creatures don’t gain advantage on attack rolls against you
as a result of being unseen by you

One of the effects of the blinded condition is:

Attack rolls against the creature have advantage, and the creature's attack rolls have disadvantage.


Are attack rolls against the character made with advantage?

Best Answer


This is an instance of specific beats general. The feat grants you immunity to granting advantage when you can't see the target; it doesn't have any additional criteria for that.

For the purposes of abstracting the matter, consider that Perception isn't just a measure of visually seeing something. It also includes hearing someone moving or using other senses to detect the presence of something. From the PHB:

Perception Your Wisdom (Perception) check lets you spot, hear, or otherwise detect the presence of something. It measures your general awareness of your surroundings and the keenness of your senses...

So a creature that's unusually alert enough to the point that they've the Alertness feat is someone whom isn't just seeing you. They're hearing you before they see you. Or smelling you before they see you. Or feeling vibrations in the wind before they see you. Or whatever else, to the point that you don't get Advantage to attack them unseen.