[RPG] Do Bards gain bonus spells from Dragon Disciple’s “Blood of Dragons”


I'm planning to take Dragon Disciple with my bard, and it's unclear whether I would gain the Draconic bloodline's bonus spells (like mage armor at Dragon Disciple 3, for example) through the Blood of Dragons class feature since I have no sorcerer levels. Do I get those bonus spells, or is it just the bloodline powers (like claws and breath weapon)?

Best Answer

By my reading of the ability, it only grants bonus spells to sorcerers. Non-sorcerers specifically gain bloodline powers, not bonus spells, bonus feats (except through the Dragon Disciple's own bonus feat ability), or bloodline arcana.

However, that's a strict rules-as-written reading. The intent seems to be to allow you to gain those spells at the appropriate Dragon Disciple levels, and probably the rest of the bloodline stuff as well. Not getting the bloodline arcana just wouldn't make much sense. It's probably best to ask your GM to look at it, I think he or she is pretty likely to give you the bonus skill, spells, and bloodline arcana. (You would still only gain bonus feats through the prestige class's bonus feat ability.)