[RPG] Do class spells take up spell slots


So I'm fairly new and ended up being the Cleric in my also fairly new group. I haven't played a caster before and the book says that at level 1 I have Bless and Cure Wounds. Do I need to assign these to a spell slot or do I have them inherently (not to be confused with a cantrip; I know I'd have to use a slot to cast them)?

Best Answer

Assuming you are a Life Domain Cleric, those are the two spells you get to have prepared for free, in addition to your normal complement. You always have those two spells prepared. In addition, you may prepare a number of 1st level spells from the cleric list, equal to your level + your wisdom bonus, which will give you probably 3 or 4 more. Those spells are not associated directly with spell slots; those are just the ones you have selected to have ready on that day.

You, at first level, have two 1st level spell slots, so twice per long rest, you may choose to spend a spell slot to cast a 1st level spell, and each time, you choose, at the time of casting, which 1 of those 5 or 6 spells you have prepared that you will actually cast using that slot. This does not affect the number of spells prepared; they are all still prepared, and when you use your other spell slot, you may likewise cast any 1 of those 5 or 6 spells with it, including the same one you cast with the first slot earlier.

After the next long rest, you get your 2 spell slots back for casting. You keep your two domain spells (bless and cure wounds) prepared. You may change which other spells you have prepared for that day.