[RPG] Do clerics have access to every spell of the level they can cast


The playtest notes are not clear in regard to clerics. It specifically states how many spells wizards can learn. So do I just assume that a cleric learns one spell per level or do they have access to every cleric spell of their acquired spell level?

Best Answer

For cleric:

You decide which cleric spells are available to you to cast. Whenever you complete a long rest, you prepare the list of cleric spells that you can cast of 1st level or higher, choosing from the list of spells available to all clerics (see the “Spells” document).

For wizard:

You decide which mage spells are available to you to cast each day. After completing a long rest, you can prepare the list of mage spells that you will be able to cast in the coming day, choosing from the spells of 1st level or higher in your spellbook.

Emphasis mine. There is nothing in the Cleric description saying your list of spells is limited in any way, so I don't think we should assume it is.