[RPG] Do creatures charmed by Charm Person/Animal Friendship attack your allies


Does an affected creature still consider your allies as hostile?

Animal friendship states:

the beast must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for the spell's duration. If you or one of your companions harms the target, the spell ends.

The description of the Charmed condition states:


  • A charmed creature can’t attack the charmer or target the charmer with harmful abilities or magical effects.
  • The charmer has advantage on any ability check to interact socially with the creature.

Best Answer

The creature does not automatically became loyal

The spell description says the affected creature "can't attack the charmer". This doesn't mean it can't attack the charmer's allies. This doesn't mean it became loyal to the charmer — it might still consider the charmer hostile. The spell only says it can't attack the charmer, and the charmer has advantage on social interaction checks, nothing more. Of course, a DM can decide otherwise.

Speaking of social interactions, the DM has the final word — it is the DM who sets the DC, so a player might easily succeed automatically or fail despite of the advantage.

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