[RPG] Do enemies have the same rules for death as PCs


Once an enemy is lowered to 0 HP, are they dead or just knocked out? Do you have to reduce them to their negative Con score or is that mechanic strictly reserved for players?

Best Answer

From RAW

When a creature’s hit points drop below 0, it becomes unconscious. When a creature’s hit points reach a negative total equal to its Constitution score, it dies. -- Core, page 12 under 'Hit points'

'Creature' would imply that the rules effect everyone.

Although there are some exceptions, such as Undead and Constructs

Not at risk of death from massive damage, but is immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points -- Bestiary page 307 and 310 under Constructs and Undead traits

But from a GMing standpoint it won't make much difference to house-rule 'minions die at HP:0', unless your group likes to take prisoners.