[RPG] Do spellcasters lose spells if they fall unconscious


Do spellcasters lose spells if they fall unconscious?

By "lose" I mean lose the spells they have in their heads – their memorized spells, or prepared spells. Not looking at concentration, but the spells they have "set" for the day.

I always played that rule in 1e/2e but not seeing a written rule on it in the books.

Best Answer

No, they don't lose spells

There are no rules about losing known spells when unconscious. Doing so may seriously upset the balance of the game, but always discuss house-rules with your table if it's something you're interested in.


The Concentration mechanic for spellcasting may be what you're looking for. This rule does state that any spells that require Concentration for ongoing effects end if the caster becomes Unconscious.


In 5e, spellcasters either have a list of known spells (and generally can only swap a spell for another when they level), full access to the list (but prepare known spells daily), or have known spells that they can prepare daily. Losing a spell would be a massive ongoing hindrance, as well as difficult to track what is known/gone both on a short term and long term basis.