[RPG] Do spells such as Hex and enhance ability affect attacks rolls?


Do spells such as Hex or enhance ability affect attack rolls made using the affected ability score?

These spells reference advantage/disadvantage on ability checks, but I am unsure whether an attack roll constitutes an ability check.

I did reference these spells specifically in case there is a difference between a specific ruling and the general rule.

Best Answer

Both of these spells affect ability checks, not attacks.

Attacks are not ability checks.

Ability check:

Ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws are the three main kinds of d20 rolls, forming the core of the rules of the game. (p4 BD&D)

You can see the difference here. You have an ability check, an attack roll and a saving throw. They are three distinct rolls and when you should do each is called out in the text. The case here is for ability checks, these are not attacks and thus the benefit/penalty does not apply.