[RPG] Do Technomancers need a commlink


So I had never heard of Shadowrun before one of my players brought it up and asked if we could play it. I got the book, and have been perusing it for a few days.

One of my players says he wants to be a technomancer, so I've been reading up on that.

My question is: Does a technomancer need a commlink for his PAN, or does he naturally generate it?

Best Answer

Technomancers do not need a commlink.

SR4 p.69:

Technomancers are a new and unique character type in the Shadowrun universe. Emerged characters are mysteriously able to interface with the global Matrix via their "biological PAN' without resorting to foreign hardware or devices.

SR4 p.93:

Technomancers can access and manipulate the Matrix through their own sheer force of will.

SR4 p.239:

The neural pathways and brain chemistry of technomancers are such that they can send, receive, and interpret wireless signals, giving them instant access to the wireless Matrix, no electronics or cyberware required.

SR4 p.239:

Technomancers have their own version of the persona, known as the living persona. It is essentially an organic commlink and sim module in the technomancer's head.

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