[RPG] Do the Fey have an enethe race


Do Fey have a particular race or ideal they dislike?

Best Answer

Traditionally, that would simply be other fey. Fey are often divided into two or more “courts,” usually “seelie” or “summer” vs. “unseelie” or “winter,” though going with a court for each of the four seasons is not uncommon either. The Courts Seelie and Unseelie were used in Dungeons & Dragons, including the 3.5e that Pathfinder is based on. Seelie is “good” and unseelie is “evil,” but these terms mean different things to fey than they do for celestials and fiends. They are much more about the natural forces of growth and decay than they are about morality, and in any event their fey minds are near-completely alien to mortals’. Fey Courts are often highly political, as the name might suggest, and in D&D the courts have a strong presence in interplanar politics.

However, Golarion specifically eschews the fey courts, instead having the First World of the fey “ruled,” as much as such a word applies to the fey, by the “Eldest.” The Eldest are like demigods, and have a lot of ability to shape the First World so their realms are similar to the divine realms of the gods. But most of the First World isn’t really under the sway of any Eldest in particular. The First World doesn’t engage with planar politics, and so the concept of an “enemy race” does not really apply to them.