[RPG] Do you add your proficiency bonus if you are not proficient in the skill but you are proficient in the stat


I have a sorcerer with 10 dex, which is +0 and 16 cha which is +3

So if I make a dex saving throw, I get +0 as I have no proficiency
If I make a cha saving throw, I get +3 and since I am proficient in charisma I get my proficiency bonus which is +2

The bit I am struggling with is, if I make a performance (cha) check, which I don't have proficiency in, do I get just +3, or do I get +5 because I am proficient in charisma even if I'm not proficient in performance? Or does that only apply to saving throws?

Likewise if I make a persuasion check and I have persuasion proficiency, is it +5 (+3 and +2 prof. bonus because it doesn't stack twice)?

Best Answer

No. You are never proficient in an ability like Charisma. Sorcerers are proficient in Charisma saving throws, so you add your proficiency whenever you must make a Charisma saving throw.

This proficiency wouldn't apply to a Charisma (Performance) roll, since that's an ability check, not a saving throw. You'd only gain your proficiency bonus on a Performance roll if you had a feature that gave you proficiency in Performance (or proficiency with the tool/instrument being used, or a feature that otherwise applied to the circumstances).