[RPG] Does a Dragon’s Wing Attack movement provoke Attacks of Opportunity


An Adult Blue Dragon has the following action

Wing Attack (Costs 2 Actions). The dragon beats its wings. Each creature within 10 feet of the dragon must succeed on a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or take 14 (2d6 + 7) bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. The dragon can then fly up to half its flying speed.

If a creature that is within 5 feet of the Dragon makes the Dex saving throw, and the dragon moves, does that provoke an opportunity Attack on the dragon?

In my head, if a character is busy trying not to get knocked prone, then they wouldn't have time to get a quick attack in.

However, the action doesn't specifically state that it prevents attacks of opportunity.

Best Answer

It does provoke an attack of opportunity

If the dragon leaves the reach of the creature, then it will provoke an attack of opportunity. Like you said, the action doesn't specifically preclude this.

For further evidence, PHB 292 states that a prone creature has disadvantage on attack rolls. Even if the creature is knocked prone by the wing attack, it can make an attack of opportunity (with disadvantage) against the dragon.