[RPG] Does a druid’s animal companion roll HD to determine health or just add 8 points for every HD


It says the HD is the number of d8s the animal has but I wasn't sure if we should be rolling a d8 or just adding up the HDs as 8s + Con modifier.

Best Answer

House-rules apart, normally just the very first hit dice of a creature or character is maxed out. The rest are rolled. In some tables that could be diffent: you could take the average, for example, depending on what your group use as rule.

However, taking into account what Tridius commented, it seens that for racial hit die that rule is a bit different, so all of the hit die of your companion should be rolled.

So, let´s say that your companion dog is lvl 5. It will have 5d8 HP, plus all relevant cons bonuses.


I changed the awnser a little bit to take Tridius comment into account.

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