[RPG] Does a failed Stabilize action count as a failed death saving throw


More fully, does a failed Medicine (Wisdom) check while taking the Stabilize action on an unconscious creature count as a failed death saving throw for the unconscious creature?

I've searched all over for this and haven't found anything conclusive, so I apologize if this is a duplicate. I had a disagreement with our DM in a session where one PC went down and I took the Stabilize action on her. After adding my Medicine skill modifier, my roll total was less than 10. The DM said that the failed Stabilize would count as a failed death saving throw for the unconscious PC. I eventually talked him out of that ruling, but I want to clarify for the future.

First time posting, let me know if I'm missing anything basic. Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

By the book, no

The rules on stabilizing creatures in Player's Handbook (pages 197-198) make no mention of a failed stabilize action having adverse effects on the target, apart from them remaining unconscious and having to continue making death saving throws on their turns. This isn't said in the section for death saving throws either. With no other source for the rule, it was a house rule, intentional or not, made by your GM.