[RPG] Does a fighter’s Action Surge allow 2 off-hand attacks as bonus actions?


A fighter at lvl 20 with dual wielding and two weapon fighting should effectively make up to 10 attacks in one turn using action surge.

Two weapon wielding states you may make a bonus action when you take an attack action and having dual wielding you may use any weapon. Therefore there are four attacks, a bonus because you attacked, then Action Surge also gives four attacks, and one more bonus because you attacked.

I understand PHB says you may only take one bonus action but it also says you may only take one action. Action surge clearly violates this so I believe it would also grant another bonus action since two weapon fighting clearly states per attack action and not turn. Especially since you don’t have to use action surge to attack anyways. Can anyone clarify this?

Best Answer

Action surge does give you an extra action, but it does not give you an extra bonus action. "On your turn, you can take one additional action on top of your regular action and a possible bonus action." p.72, PHB.