[RPG] Does a Pacifist Healer using a non-damaging attack who crits with a magic implement… do damage? Does he have to


Pacifist Clerics (and anyone who takes Astral Seal, for example, but there are other powers- Hymn of Resurgence, for example that do no damage) can use their magic holy symbols to augment their attack roll.

On a critical hit, there is bonus damage.

  1. Does this bonus damage even take place on a non-damaging attack like Astral Seal?
  2. If it does take place, is it mandatory? Like..could you choose not to do the damage at all?

2a. In a case like Hymn of Resurgence-which is a blast effect that has different effects depending on whether it affects enemies or allies) can you choose whether or not to apply the crit damage depending on the creatures bloody status or not?

This is obviously in regards to the follow on effects of the Pacifist Healer feat's unique requirements.

Best Answer


Player's Handbook pg 225

An attack that does not deal damage still does not deal damage on a critical hit.

This is also part of the DDI definition of Critical Hit.

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