[RPG] Does a tied Trick or Test of Wills go to the attacker or defender


Tricks and Tests of Wills are opposed rolls. The result is binary though: either the bonus/malus the "attacker" is trying to apply gets applied to the target, or it doesn't.

Opposed rolls on the other hand are trinary: the attacker can win, the defender can win, or you can tie:

In a tie, the two foes continue to struggle with no clear victor.

This doesn't give any guidance for Tricks or Tests of Wills though, since a tie non-result is effectively a win for the defender and makes them a "clear victor". A tie has to be either a win for the attacker or defender: but which one?

We had this come up in our Friday game, where twice a Trick or Test of Wills came up a tie. I gave it to the attacker, but that was just a ruling on the spot (adapting the ties rule from Fate).

Best Answer

I found the official answer on the forums: ties go to the defender.

This makes the opposed roll procedure make a bit more sense: the attacker rolls, using bennies until they're satisfied with their roll, then the defender uses that as the target number to resist.

On the other hand it disincentivises Tricks and Tests of Will just a tiny bit, so I can see house ruling it in favour of the attacker.

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