[RPG] Does a warlock’s curse added on a staggering note count as a “damage roll” for purposes of feats which add to damage


For the warlock question, I made a half-elf warlock with staggering note.

Staggering note, for purposes of this question, does charisma modifier damage.

This warlock has a number of bonuses that he can add to his damage.

His PP notes: "… and a bonus equal to your Con mod to damage from lightning or thunder powers"

He also has a quickbeam staff which provides energized (thunder) which "you gain a +3 bonus to damage rolls if a power matches the implement's damage type"

Staggering note provides thunder keyed damage.

How much damage is done on a successful hit by this warlock?

See also: the bonus damage from Malec-Keth Janissary

Best Answer

Yes it does. It is defined as "extra damage"

Extra Damage

Extra damage is always in addition to other damage

since extra damage is always added on. And warlock's curse is a power then it qualifies as a damage roll:

Damage Roll

A roll of a die or dice to determine damage dealt by a power or some other effect

Being that it is definitely added on to the damage, and it qualifies as a damage roll then it is eligible for any powers that add to damage rolls.

The damage expression should be

 CHA + CON + 2d6 + Implement + 3
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