[RPG] Does Acrobatics allow you to move at full speed through Difficult Terrain


It seems to me like it should, but I don't think I've seen it stated plain and simple. What I have found is in Acrobatics:

You can keep your balance while traversing narrow or treacherous surfaces.

Is Difficult Terrain "treacherous"? Mh…

You can use Acrobatics to move on narrow surfaces and uneven ground without falling.

Is Difficult Terrain "uneven ground"? Mh…

If I look at the Table:

Surface Width: Greater than 3 feet wide => Base Acrobatics DC: 0*

* No Acrobatics check is needed to move across these surfaces unless the modifiers to the surface (below) increase the DC to 10 or higher.

So let's look at the modifiers:

Slightly obstructed (gravel, sand) +2

Severely obstructed (cavern, rubble) +5

Move at full speed on narrow or uneven surfaces +5

Based on this, am I right to say that one can make an Acrobatics check against DC 10 (severely obstructed + full speed) to move at full speed through difficult terrain?

Best Answer

Difficult Terrain is defined in the Combat section as -

Difficult Terrain

Difficult terrain, such as heavy undergrowth, broken ground, or steep stairs, hampers movement.

So, I would say an Acrobatics check would enable you to move at full speed through SOME Difficult Terrain, but not all. On Broken Ground, or some sort of uneven shifting Difficult Terrain, yes, Acrobatics would help. But through Undergrowth or on Steep Stairs? I would say it would not help.

Alternatively, you could use an Acrobatics check to just jump over some Difficult Terrain, allowing you to potentially move at full speed.

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