[RPG] Does armour weight half as much when you wear it


My GM told me that if you wear armour it weighs half as much as if you carry it. Is this part of the official Pathfinder rules, or is it a houserule?

Best Answer

The only figure I can find for half weight in the pathfinder source reference document is about armor fit for small creatures (which is smaller to start with and thus weights half as much as a medium-sized one).

No official rule exists to my knowledge about halving weight by donning armor (and I'd be surprised if it existed).
As SevenSidedDie points out, that rule used to exist on AD&D, and I suspect D&D 3.x got rid of it when they introduced load equivalents for wearing medium and heavy armor. Wearing armor is still more cumbersome than just having it in the backpack, but not because of weight variations.

(On a side note, it looks like D&D 3.x smiths are unable to craft decent-fitting armors. Since they weight the same and they're better balanced when worn, they must limit your movements because they are bulky and uncomfortable to wear.)