[RPG] Does casting a ranged spell at an engaged target impose disadvantage on the attack roll


Does casting a ranged spell (Scorching Ray for example) into an enemy creature currently engaged in melee with an ally grant me disadvantage?

That was poorly worded, I'm sure. So for example; If Player 1 is fighting Orc A. They are both within each other's melee distance of 5 feet. Player 2 who is 30 feet away with no creatures around casts Fire Bolt at Orc A. Fire Bolt requires a ranged spell attack roll, would Player 2 have disadvantage?

Best Answer

There wouldn't be disadvantage on the attack roll.

If the target is behind the other player, however, the target will benefit from cover. See page 196 of the Player's Handbook for those rules. Likely, the target would gain the +2 AC bonus for half cover.