[RPG] Does damage from an enchanted weapon automatically count as magical damage


A player's PC received an enchanted mace, a +1 weapon with the ability to shine like a torch.

(Lightbringer from Lost Mine of Phandelver for those familiar.)

Does this mace deal magical damage for the purpose of overcoming resistances?

Nothing like that is mentioned in the stats; but another player argued that a weapon that's magic should be a "magical weapon". I disagree as I like to follow the books, and they seem to be pretty specific about this kind of thing, but I wanted to ask people with more experience.

Best Answer

The mace provides a magical attack that does bludgeoning damage.

The term "magical attack" is defined as:

... a magical attack is an attack delivered by a spell, a magic item, or another magical source (Basic Rules, DM, p. 4; under Vulnerabilities, Resistances, and Immunities)

Let's also clear up the misconception exposed by the wording of the question. There is no such thing as "magical damage". The list of damage types includes "radiant", "necrotic", "bludgeoning","fire", and so on. The +1 Mace does Bludgeoning damage, but it is a magic item and therefore does so as a magical attack. Hence it bypasses the resistance to "bludgeoning damage from non-magical attacks".

The mace does not bypass resistance to bludgeoning attacks in general. There are not many examples, but the Treant is resistant to Bludgeoning damage, period, and is therefore resistant to this mace. (The ettercap's web is also immune to bludgeoning damage, and there may be some other examples along those lines.)