[RPG] Does Danger Sense make any spell/trap/effect seen be able to make a Dex saving throw with advantage


Let's say I'm a Level 2 Barbarian and I'm targeted by the spell Shatter.

Since I have Danger Sense and I see the spell coming at me, and because specific beasts general I won't be making a constitution saving throw but rather a Dexterity Saving throw with advantage, is that it?

Best Answer

Danger Sense does not replace the required save with Dexterity because it can be seen - and specifically it does not activate in the case of Shatter.

Danger Sense gives you (PHB, 48)

Advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws against effects that you can see

Shatter is a Constitution Save and therefore Danger Sense doesn't apply. Danger Sense does NOT change the spell/effect's saving throw, it only gives you advantage IF it is a Dex save.

A specific example of where this would work is Fireball - which is a Dexterity Saving Throw.