[RPG] Does D&D 4e have rules for necromancy or conjuration summoning


Necromancy and Conjuration (summoning and binding) are topics that were fairly thoroughly addressed in previous editions of D&D, and these topics certainly pop up often in fantasy literature. I don't see these in the D&D 4e books anywhere, are they addressed at all in this edition? Are there any add on books that cover them?

Inspired by Raising Dead and Binding Daemons

Best Answer

Summoning was introduced as a new keyword in Arcane Power on pg 98:

New Keyword: Summoning Powers that have the summoning keyword bring creatures from other planes to serve you in a variety of ways.

  • It is an allied Creature
  • It Uses your Defenses (not including temporary bonuses)
  • Hit Point Max is equal to your bloodied value
    • When it drops to 0 hp you lose a surge
  • It has no healing surges
  • It has no actions of its own, you have to spend actions to command it
    • you need line of effect
    • it lists a number of actions you can command it to do as a minor action
    • powers may have other actions you can specifically command it to do
  • You make attacks and checks through the creature (again, without temporary bonuses)
  • Lasts until end of encounter unless otherwise stated

It also has new build: Summoner Wizard. There are a number of powers in Arcane Power that have the summoning keyword.

PS: I don't know much about the necromancy side of this question, other than there is necrotic damage...