[RPG] Does Exhaustion Carry Over From A Druid’s Wildshaped Form to Their Regular Form


I have a player that has a druid character. She is trying to travel as far as possible using the form of a giant eagle.

If she travels at the fastest pace possible for the longest time period possible and earns levels of exhaustion, does the exhaustion carry over to her regular form? Or, is the druid able to shift back to her normal form and then shift into a "fresh" eagle and resume travel?

My player argues that physical things like HP and physical attributes don't transfer between her animal form and her normal form, so physical exhaustion shouldn't carry over either.

Best Answer

Yes. Definitely.

Exhaustion is a condition, wild shape says nothing about conditions, and thus, conditions remain when you change back and forth (if it was meant to allow you to shed conditions, it would say so, and also be even more powerful of an ability).

While HP and physical attributes do not transfer, conditions do (they are not explicitly excepted).