[RPG] Does Furious Spell add damage or multiply damage


I have read the description, and based on what it says, I am reading it like such:

Spell caster is level 15 → Spell is 6th level and does 1d6 every spell caster level → Spell does 15d6 → Add Furious Spell metamagic → Spell adds 2× spell level to damage of spell

Does this mean that Furious Spell

  1. adds the spell's inital level, ×2, to get 12 additional damage on the 15d6? (Example: 6th level spell does 15d6; Furious spell makes it do 15d6+12.)


  2. does it mean that the damage done is essentially 2× (15d6 becomes 30d6)?

I'm assuming it's the former option because 30d6 would be stupid powerful.

Best Answer

Furious Spell

adds twice the spell’s original level to the amount of damage dealt by the spell

In this case, twice the spell’s original level is 12, so it deals 15d6+12.

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