[RPG] Does Perfect Preparation allow a caster to prepare any spell on her list


The Perfect Preparation ability from Mythic Adventures grant a character the ability to cast any spell on their class list, or are they still limited to "spells known" in some way?

Best Answer

They're Limited, though exactly how is fuzzy

Perfect Preparation (Ex): You have discovered the secret to preparing spells without having to refer to outside sources. You no longer need to prepare spells from a spellbook (if you're a magus or wizard) or a familiar (if you're a witch). You still must spend the normal amount of time preparing spells. You may keep or discard your spellbook or familiar.

The bolded part of the quote is the most relevant part. Perfect preparation doesn't change your spells known or how you acquire those spells, nor does it alter your class spell list. Unfortunately the ability doesn't take into account how vital spellbooks and familiars are to the process of learning spells for the classes it references, so it leaves this weird limbo where you don't need your spellbook to prepare spells but you still need it to know them (ditto with your familiar as a witch). These sorts of editing errors are common, and I'd actually suggest asking about it on the Paizo forums to see if it can get an FAQ.

That Said...

I would avoid ruling that the character gains all spells on their class spell list if at all possible, mainly because of the overwhelming prowess of those spell lists. Yes, with enough optimization one's spells known are an arbitrary number; however, beneath that level of optimization they're a way of keeping those spellcasters manageable. Don't throw that away if you don't have to.

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