[RPG] Does teleportation count as movement for a Tabaxi’s Feline Agility trait


A Tabaxi, after using his Feline Agility trait to double his movement speed for a turn, must then move 0 feet on a subsequent turn in order for his trait to recharge.

If the Tabaxi teleports, does it count as movement for his trait? (If so, this means that the trait won't recharge on that turn.)

Best Answer

Movement is a defined term in the game. On pages 181-182 of the PHB it goes into how movement works. Teleportation doesn't use movement or speed, so you could teleport via misty step, dimension door or the like without spending movement on that turn. Spells are generally an action or bonus action to cast but don't cost movement. Similarly, if you misty step 30 feet away, you can still use your movement to get even farther.