[RPG] Does the artificer’s Enhanced Weapon stack on top of hexblade’s Improved Pact Blade


I play a hexblade warlock with an Improved Pact Blade longsword. I like the idea of the eldritch tinkerer, who builds his patron's gifts into his gadgets, which fits in a warlock/artificer multiclass. The artificer's Enhanced Weapon infusion would be very nice with the warlock if it stacks with the Improved Pact Blade bonuses, but I can't tell if it does from the class descriptions. Do these features stack, or do I need to rethink this build?

Best Answer

It depends on if the DM rules that a warlock's improved pact weapon is a magical weapon.

First, this answer correctly argues that the artificer's enhanced weapon infusion cannot be used on magical weapons when it cites this rule:

"Whenever you finish a long rest, you can touch a non-magical object and imbue it with one of your artificer infusions, turning it into a magic item." (E:RftLW, pg. 57)

This answer argues that a warlock's improved pact weapon is not a magical weapon. If your DM goes with this ruling, then the artificer's infusion should stack with it.

In this answer I argue that that the warlock's improved pact weapon is magical. If the DM rules this way, then the artificer's infusion will not stack.

You should share the linked question concerning the magical nature of a warlock's improved pact weapon with your DM and allow them to make a ruling - that will tell you if you need to rethink this build.