[RPG] Does the enethe get to make a saving throw for half damage for absolutely any spell I cast


So me and a group of friends recently started to play D&D. I became a sorcerer. My question is: can the enemy I am attacking, no matter what spell I use, make a saving throw for half damage or does that only apply for certain spells?

For example, when I use my cantrip fire bolt, does the targeted opponent get to roll a saving throw for half damage against the spell, even though the description doesn't say anything about saving throws?

Best Answer

If a spell requires/allows the target to make a saving throw, it says so.

Firebolt requires the caster to make a "spell attack" which is "1d20 + Spell attack modifier" (See Spellcasting feat) against the target's AC.

Additionally, I want to mention that a saving throw doesn't always mean "half damage". See Sacred Flame, which deals no damage when the target succeeds on its saving throw.