[RPG] Does the half-level modifier contribute to damage


Taking a random spell, I find Flames of Phlegethos. Its hit is 3d10 + Constitution modifier fire damage. Let's say the caster has a constitution score of 16, and he is level 2. This means his constitution modifier is +3 from his constitution score, and he has +1 from his half level.

Would his damage on this spell be 3d10 + 3 or would it be 3d10 + 4? The PHB doesn't seem to clarify this. Thanks!

Best Answer

Ability modifiers are applied to damage, but half-level isn't. So, in your example, the Flames of Phlegethos would inflict 3d10+3 damage.

Half-level is applied to attack rolls because they are ability checks. As a more general rule, feel confident to add half you level to every d20 roll except saving throws and to every static number which usually stands against a d20 roll (like defenses).