[RPG] Does the Iron Flask let you Order the Creature Back in Without a Save


So I have an Iron Flask in my current campaign, and we happened to find out that it contains Tiamat. We released Tiamat to have a conversation, where she threatened to eat me at the end of the hour.

Since it didn't directly lead to her death, I ordered her back in the Flask, but am not sure if that's okay? If you order the creature in, do they still get to make the save?

Best Answer

A creature can’t voluntarily enter an Iron Flask

You can use an action to speak the flask's Command Word, targeting a creature that you can see within 60 feet of you.

That’s the only way creatures can get into the flask. So, the problem is not that ordering her in is an illegal order, it’s an impossible order.

What troubles me is threatening to kill you later doesn’t sound very friendly to me. Of course, she is totally going to eat you, but saying so isn’t friendly.

... release the creature the flask contains. The creature is friendly to you and your companions for 1 hour and obeys your commands for that duration.

What’s really puzzling is how she got in there in the first place. The DC is 17 and she has a +17 Wisdom save - it’s impossible for her to fail. Of course, the more immediate problem for you is how you are going to get her in now.