[RPG] Does the new Character Builder hide valid content


While answering a question here I googled and found this thief build. It seemed like it was pretty neat so I went into the new character builder and couldn't get a single aspect of that build to work.

I can't seem to select a Vanguard Rapier–even though many different versions of Rapier are there–in fact there seems to be no Vanguard item in the system, but "Vanguard Weapon" still appears in the Compendium for "Any Melee Weapon" with no sign of being deleted/nerfed/altered.

After that I tried the feats they listed, Surprising Charge and Backstabber. Neither feat is listed. I know these are rogue feats but I thought thief was just a specialized rogue build–guess not?

So suddenly I can't figure out if I just don't know how to operate the new web character generator, content has been removed or if I missed something about Essentials classes not being able to use non-essentials feats (Possibly all of the above)

I'd still be using the old/better character generator but after they stopped supporting it it crashed on my system and wouldn't restart.

I'm not complaining about not being able to make some uber-character, I'm just confused as to why the compendium doesn't seem to match up with the CG.

Best Answer

In order to build an essentials thief with all of the options, follow the following steps:

  1. Load up online CB (with ritual curse about silverlight...)
  2. Click custom
  3. Click D&D home campaign 3a. Wait
  4. Select class thief (tab 1)
  5. Select appropriate background to give you rapier prof (I quite like gritty sgt.) (details tab)
  6. select the equipment tab
  7. switch to marketplace, wait for server roundtrip, rituallistically curse
  8. select item: rapier
  9. select vanguard weapon.

The crucial thing is not to build this with a pseudo-pregen essentials character.

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