[RPG] Does the number of animals pulling a cart affect the speed they can travel


To add to my question here about a mule's pulling capacity, I was curious to know how in-depth additional information should be processed.

For instance, does the 5e RAW or RAI take into consideration how many animals are pulling a vehicle to determine its speed (such as 2 mules carrying the same wagon will have a movement speed boost of 5 feet)? Or is the only advantage to having a second mule an increase in pulling weight from 1,700 lbs. to 3,800 lbs.?

Best Answer

As far as I can see (barring the case of being encumbered), there are no general rules that would particularly affect the speed of a cart-pulling animal, meaning they can pull carts at the same speed as they would travel unencumbered/unhitched. There's also no general rule that would permit multiple beasts to move faster when pulling together than their own individual base/unencumbered/unhitched speed.