[RPG] Does the paladin’s Aura of Courage feature remove an existing frightened condition from a frightened ally who enters the aura


I just reached level 10 with my paladin and gained the feature "Aura of Courage". I understand that currently, I and anyone within 10 feet of me will be immune to the frightened condition.

If one of my allies is currently frightened and runs into my Aura, do they lose their frightened condition automatically? Or would they just remain frightened even if they pass through it?

I'm interested in RAW and what other DMs have ruled here.

Best Answer

Rules As Intended are that the Condition is Suspended

Jeremy Crawford answered this question about Aura of Devotion that has the same type of wording problem.

Aura of Courage:

[Y]ou and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you can’t be frightened while you are conscious.

Aura of Devotion:

[Y]ou and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you can't be charmed while you are conscious.

Jeremy's Ruling:

RAW is unclear. RAI is that [the condtition] is precluded/suspended while you're in the aura.


This ruling would strongly imply the RAI are that the conditions are suspended, but not removed by entering the aura.

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