[RPG] Does the Shield spell block the Jim’s Magic Missile spell, the same way it blocks the Magic Missile spell


Since the description of the Jim's magic missile spell (Acquisitions Incorporated, p. 76) states that it is an "improved version of" the magic missile spell, not a different spell, does the spell get nullified by shield the same way normal magic missile does?

Best Answer

No, it works differently

Jim's Magic Missile is not the same spell as magic missile. Just because it's an "improved version" doesn't make it the same spell. There are other spells that could be described as improvements of other spells, e.g. tidal wave and tsunami, invisibility and greater invisibility, or teleportation circle and teleport. This doesn't make them the same spell.

However, shield can still be used against Jim's Magic Missile. The part of the spell that interacts with shield is:

Make a ranged spell attack for each missile.

If you are hit by one of the attacks from Jim's Magic Missile, you can cast shield to potentially cause that attack to miss, just like any other attack. And your AC will be increased for any additional darts that are launched at you, since shield lasts until the start of your next turn.

If you like, assume that one of the "improvements" to the spell is the ability to penetrate a shield spell, although doing so is still difficult.